It is vital that your thoroughbred receives the best possible start to its career as it learns the art of racing. Our education (Breaking) & pre-training service provides just that led by experienced breaker Jaye Turnbull & pre-trainer John Hubbard. We have the ideal environment & facilities for a horse’s education including 2 round yards, 2 horse walkers, 2 all-weather pre training tracks, starting barriers, 35 boxes, tie up stalls, day yards & wash bays. In addition, we have stables at Ipswich Racecourse enabling our horses to work on the track and prepare them for racedays with tie ups, wash bays & barriers.


We use the term ‘education’ for the horse breaking-in process. At Grandview, education generally takes approximately 4 weeks followed by a spell and then a 1-2 week refresher to ensure each horse is ready to graduate. Our aim is to develop a confident, willing and focused horse that is safe to ride and comfortable with different environments. As our breaker Jaye Turnbull explains in the video, our focus is ensuring the horse has a positive experience so no part of the process is rushed. 

We have the luxury at Grandview of being able to ‘expose’ the young horse to many different experiences that a racehorse will encounter – paddocks, indoor and outdoor yards, crushes, walkers, riding under saddle, barriers, trucks, travelling, tie ups, working with other horses and then graduating with a visit to Ipswich Racecourse to replicate a raceday.


Whether it’s a horse fresh from graduating from its early education or a racehorse embarking on a racing preparation, we have a specialised team to pre-train your thoroughbred. Being located 30 minutes outside the city, Grandview provides a quiet environment perfect for pre-training.

Our pre-trainer John Hubbard can tailor the service to each client’s and trainer’s needs. Generally, pre-training will involve a 4-5 week base of fitness work with a gradual build-up of pace from the initial slow trot and canter work. 

Horses will work both independently and in company – inside, between and outside horses with our experienced team of track riders. We can also take our pre-training service through to a jumpout or trial if the horse needs to obtain a barrier certificate.