Grandview provide an array of services, catering to all your thoroughbred needs.
Our facilities, service and extensive team ensure that all requirements are met right on the property.


​Grandview offers the opportunity for breeders to use our excellent vet facilities and services for their broodmares. With our quality broodmare facilities breeders can rest assure all aspects are taken care of including maiden, dry and wet mares, foaling down service with floodlit 24 hr supervision and an experienced reproductive vet located only minutes from Grandview.

Our experienced vet and staff can then prepare your mare for a walk on service to all studs in the Southeast Qld area as well as taking mares to the Hunter valley if required.


​At Grandview Stud we know what it takes to prepare horses for sale
We aim to enter horses for the “Right” sale, so we can get the best result for each individual horse, and ultimately the best result for you, the owner.
We prepare horses for all major sales and cater for weanlings, yearlings, breeze up, broodmares and tried horses.
Give us the opportunity to prepare your horse and reap the rewards.


​Grandview can be described as the ultimate holiday destination for horses.
Our spelling facilities cater for all needs. Our steel rail and lock up stables provide the ultimate safe and tranquil environment.

We also offer individual sheltered paddocks, or larger paddocks where 2-3 horses can rest and socialise.
We pride ourselves on being able to see every horse on the farm, know where they are and what they need.
Give your horse a great holiday and hopefully it will repay you.


​It is crucial that your thoroughbred get the best possible start as it learns the art of racing. Breaking and Pre Training at Grandview Stud means there are no time frames , we just make sure we get it right.

Our Facilities are first class and safe for Breaking and Pre Training and include 2 round yards , 2 horse walkers , starting barriers, 35 boxes, tie ups and wash bays. In addition we have 2 all-weather pre training tracks and access to Bundamba Racecourse ensuring a complete and rounded education.

Importantly we are able to offer day yards which facilitate your horse being able to pick green grass and kick their heals up in a safe environment.


Grandview is a registered quarantine facility approved by the Australian Government and provides quarantine for yearlings purchased by Asian clients who have the intention of racing them in Asia. It also provides quarantine for older horses who will race in Asia or New Caledonia.

Recently we also had the honour of being involved with the first export of live horses from Wellcamp Airport Toowoomba on Monday 18 February. In conjunction with Equine International Air Freight, 21 horses left safely for Korea after spending 21 days in Quarantine at Grandview. read more