The opportunity now available to send horses out of Toowoomba opens South East Queensland as a gateway to transport horses around the world. It takes away the added expense of having to transport racehorses to Melbourne and Sydney to board a flight but even importantly it is much better for the welfare of the horses saving an endless amount of hours on a float and in transit. 

The process went very smoothly and both EIAF and Wellcamp airport should be congratulated on the work that went into this first flight.  The facilities for both equine and humans were first class. Also a big thank you to my staff as a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to keep 21 horses safe throughout the quarantine process.

The horses made the maiden voyage a thoroughly memorable on and we now have the world of thoroughbred racing only a flight away from our doorstep. We look forward to continuing this relationship with EIAF and Wellcamp Airport in the future.